AMP codes are special codes found either in boss battles or in posts from the twitter account @AMPcodes. Upon entering them, they can give the player items or chests the player simply doesn't need and instead you could just play the game.


AMP Codes (@AMPCodes) are redeemable codes that can be used to gain items in PickCrafter.

Where to find AMP Codes:Websites or twitter Edit

Visit the @AMPCodes twitter page (they will be giving out codes randomly). sample.text

How to redeem AMP Codes Edit

To use an AMP code, go to the "Settings" menu (click on the wooden sign, click on the wooden sign and then on the gear wheel) and click on the "AMP codes" button. Once you have entered the code, you will receive the reward that the code gives. Most codes expire after some time, so you should put them in before they do. Many older codes will not say that they have expired when entered, instead giving the same message as if they are not actual codes.

("fiveamp" seems to be the only one without an expiration date, excluding boss codes.)

Example: Edit

If the Twitter page posts that the code "stone14" will give you in-game stone when you enter the code and receive however much stone they have decided you will receive.