Blocks: Dirt, Wood, Clay, and Pumpkin

Mobs: Creeps

Unlocked automatically.


Blocks: Sand, Sandstone, Cactus, and Glass

Mobs: Creeps

Unlocked for 750 Dirt.


Blocks: Snow, Dirt, Ice, Stone, Wood, and Candy (During Christmas Update!)

Mobs: Creeps

Unlocked for 750 Sandstone.


Blocks: Stone, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Gravel, Coal, Redstone, Obsidian, Gold, Diamond, Bedrock, and Emerald

Mobs: Creeps

Unlocked for 750 Ice.


Blocks: Soul Sand, Netherrack, Glowstone, Nether Quartz, Nether Brick, Obsidian, Ruby, and End Stone

Mobs: Creeps

Unlocked for 400 Obsidian.


Blocks: Red Sand, Hardened Clay, Red Sandstone, Cactus, Stone, and Topaz

Mobs: Tumbleweeds and Creeps

Unlocked for 750 Nether Brick.


Blocks: Dandelion Seeds, Coffee Beans, Podzol, Jungle Log, Orchid Seeds, and Jade

Mobs: Ocelots

Unlocked for 750 Red Sandstone.


Blocks: Coral, Sponge, Sand, Live Rock, Prismarine, Dirt, and Pearl

Other: Starfish and Guardians

Unlocked for 750 Jungle Log.


Blocks: Moon Rock, Aluminum, Diorite, Gravel, Lunar Meteorite, Alien Ooze, and Cheese

Mobs: Asteroids and Astronaut Creeps

Unlocked for 750 Prismarine.

End (Coming Soon) Edit

Blocks: Endstone, Obsidian

Mobs: Enderdragon (Possibly)

Video: Coming Soon!


  • The Tundra Biome does not have rare blocks.
  • The cave biome has the most variety of blocks.
  • Runic can appear in all biomes, but the time it takes to mine is dependent on the biome.

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