There are 3 types of chests: Small, Large, and Ender Chests. There are 6 types of Small Chests, 3 types of Large Chests, and 1 type of Ender Chest.
Chests on Chests

Small Chests Edit

Small Chests are obtained through mining a particular amount of blocks in the biome you have unlocked most recently. There are wood, iron, silver, gold, diamond, and mythical small chests. Small Chests can yield Blocks, Companions, Artifacts, Abilities, Runic, and rarely you could get a pickaxe.

Large Chests Edit

Large Chests cost 100 runic for gold, 300 runic for diamond, and 500 runic for mythical, and yield significantly more blocks than small chests. It yields 5 different variants of blocks (each different variant has 21-71 for rare blocks and 74-282 common blocks) and an increased chance for a pickaxe, companion, or chest treasure.

Ender Chests Edit

Ender Chests cost 3 Ender Pearls and contain only one item. It only yields items that state that they must be obtained from an Ender Chest.

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