This list is never complete. If you are experiencing any current glitches, you can put them here. The helpful part in this is that videos and photos of glitches can be added to help explain the issues.

Official bug report forum

Glitch First noticed (Version) Video or photo
Ability will not show progress bar 3.5.3
Creep Pickaxe does not have "On Fire" ability after it explodes 3.5.3
Prestige section in the map constantly has a notification bubble, even if no prestige is available 3.5.3

Previous Glitches Edit

Description Severity Rareness Screenshot(s) Current Status
The Drill can get stuck on the screen after the ability is done. Does not animate or break blocks. Requires game reboot to fix. Visual Rare
Drill bug
Two drills
Sometimes the multiply enchantment does not work Artifact Unknown
The "Continue" Button on a chest can occasionally not appear, and requires a game reboot to fix Artifact
No Continue Button bug
When blocks are broken quickly, sometimes there is no new particles created from the broken block Visual Common Working

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