2.0AMP CodesAbilities
AchievementsAlien EggAlien Ooze
Alien PickaxeAluminumAncient Map
AppleArctic Copper PickaxeAsteroid Key
Asteroid PickaxeAsteroid ShardsAsteroids
B & W PickaxeBedrockBedrock Pickaxe
BinocularsBiomesBlaze Rod
Block DoublerBone PickaxeBook
Bunny BossBunny EarsBunny Trophy
CactusCactus PickaxeCactus Shield
CakeCandy CornCandy Pickaxe
CarrotCarrot CakeCarrot on a Stick
CaveChain ArmorCheese
Chest PickaxeChest TreasuresChests
ChickenClayClay Pickaxe
Clay PotClockCloth Armor
CoalCoffeeCoffee Beans
CompanionsCompassCooked Beef
Cooked TurkeyCookieCookie Pickaxe
CoralCoral PickaxeCornucopia
CowCreep PickaxeCursed Amulet
Dandelion FlowerDandelion SeedsDesert
DiamondDiamond ArmorDiamond Pickaxe
Diamond ToolsDioriteDirt
Diving HelmetDogeEgg Bundle
Egg HuntEmeraldEmerald Armor
Emerald PickaxeEmerald ToolsEnd Stone
FAQFestive EggFire Pickaxe
Flower PickaxeFuelGear
GlassGlass PickaxeGlowstone
Glowstone PickaxeGoldGold Armor
Gold PickaxeGold ToolsGolden Apple
Golden EggGolden RecordGravel
GunpowderHardened ClayHardened Clay Bowl
HarpoonHarvest EventHead Scarf
Heart PickaxeHopperHorse
IceIce PickaxeIce Sculpture
InventoryIronIron Armor
Iron BucketIron PickaxeIron Tools
JadeJade PickaxeJungle
Jungle LogJungle SpearKnown Bugs
LanternLapis LazuliLapis Pickaxe
LeadLeather ArmorLighter
Lightning PickaxeLive RockLunar Meteorite
Magic ConchMagic CrumbsMesa
Mining LampMobsMoon
Moon PickaxeMoon RockMushroom
Mythic HammerNetherNether Brick
Nether QuartzNether StarNether Wart
NetherrackObsidianObsidian Pickaxe
OceanOrchid FlowerOrchid Seeds
PearlPearl PickaxePick Crafter Wiki
Pickaxe PowersPickaxesPicks
Pumpkin (Gear)Pumpkin PickaxePumpkin Pie
Pumpkin SpiceRabbit's FootRainbow Pickaxe
Raw BeefRed SandRed Sandstone
Red Sandstone PickaxeRedstoneRetro
RubyRuby ArmorRuby Pickaxe
Ruby ToolsRunicSand
SandstoneSandstone PickaxeSanta's Hat
SeashellSeasonal EventsSharpening stone
SheepSifting PanSnow
Snow ConeSnow GolemSnowball
SnowflakeSoul SandSpace Helmet
StatsStoneStone Pickaxe
Stone ToolsStrengthTNT
Tin Foil HatTopazTopaz Idol
Topaz PickaxeTorch PickaxeTrident Pickaxe
Unhatched Dino EggUpdatesVillager
Water CanteenWinter CandyWinter Event
Winter GlovesWolfWood
Wood PickaxeWood ToolsYogg's Tentacle

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