Mesa is the sixth biome. It can be unlocked for 750 Nether Brick.

Blocks Edit

There are 6 types of blocks in this biome: Red Sand, Hardened ClayRed SandstoneCactusStone, and Topaz.

Red Sand is the most common block while Topaz is the rarest.

Tumbleweed can occasionally be found floating across the screen when there is inactivity.

Chances of finding a block[1] Edit

Block Found [x of 2,061,910] Chance to find [%] Chance to find [1:x] Concluded Actual Percentage
Red Sand 609,408 29.56% 3.38 ~29.6%
Hardened Clay 544,021 26.38% 3.79 ~26.4%
Red Sandstone 414,081 20.08% 4.98 20%
Cactus 309,157 14.99% 6.67 15%
Stone 165,124 8.01% 12.49 8%
Topaz 20,119 0.98% 102.49 1%


  • Runic has about a 0.0212% chance of appearing in this biome (appeared 437 times in the test above).
  • The next biome (Jungle) may be unlocked for 750 Red Sandstone.


[1] Researched by breaking 2,061,910 blocks and calculating the average chance. May not be absolutely correct. Excludes Runic.

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