Pickaxe Powers are unique to most pickaxes. The powers occur when consecutive taps occur for about a minute, and have a base cooldown of 10 minutes, but can be shortened with the Lighter item and skill. Powers that have a duration (On Fire and similar powers) multiplies the picks gained by 5 and allows for blocks to be instantly broken. These powers have a base duration of 20 seconds. This can be improved through the Fuel item and skill.

On Fire Edit

On Fire

Power of the majority of Pickaxes. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Spooky Flame Edit

Spooky Flame

Power of the Pumpkin Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Shatter Edit


Power of the Glass Pickaxe. Burst pickaxe into shards earning 10 glass blocks.

It's Lit Edit

It's Lit

Power of the Glowstone Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Fire Flower Edit

Fire Flower

Power of the Flower Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Starfish Outcry Edit

Starfish Outcry

Power of the Coral Pickaxe. Summons a school of starfish.

Tidal Wave Edit

Tidal Wave

Power of the Trident Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Asteroid Shower Edit

Power of the Asteroid Pickaxe. Summon Asteroids.

Alien Flame Edit

Alien Flame

Power of the Alien Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Volcanic Spike Edit

Imageedit 30 2305670931

Power of the Molten Pickaxe. Summons a volcanic spike for a block explosion.

Time emiT Edit

Imageedit 34 6937147453

Power of the Circadian Pickaxe. Switches to night or day.

Quintessence Edit

Power of the Aether Pickaxe. Break blocks with one strike.

Gamma Rays Edit

Power of the Radioactive Pickaxe. Break blocks until it finds at least 5 rares.

Blighted Edit

Power of the Cursed Pickaxe. Becomes more powerful with every Cursed Book you possess.

Super Claw Edit

Super Claw

Power of the Bone Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Fossil Freeze Edit

Fossil Freeze

Power of the Arctic Copper Pickaxe. Bursts of frost, causing an explosion of blocks.

Tsss Edit


Power of the Creep Pickaxe. Triggers a blast, causing an explosion of blocks.

Let There Be Light! Edit

Power of the Divine Pickaxe. Summon angelic rays to auto break blocks.

Blue Fire Edit

Blue Fire

Power of the Fire Pickaxe. Breaks blocks in one strike with +1 blocks on break.

Fire Rain Edit

Power of the Flame Hammer. Calls upon the ancient gods to rain FIRE.

Mob Attraction Edit

Mob Attraction

Power of the Heart Pickaxe. Summons random mobs.

Triple Beam Edit

Triple Beam

Power of the Laser Pickaxe. Tap and hold to unleash the overloaded laser.

Thunder Clap Edit

Thunder Clap

Power of the Lightning Pickaxe. Bursts of lightning, causing an explosion of blocks.

Call of the Ancients Edit


Power of the Magic Wand. Summons 1 out of 3 random ancient spells.

  1. Ghostly yellow-green flames and light that break blocks with one hit.
  2. A Brilliant golden light that does constant damage.
  3. A Brilliant white light that adds +5 blocks to a single hit. (needs verification)

Dual Wield Edit

Dual Wield

Power of the Mythic Hammer. Breaks blocks in one strike with greatly increased PPS.

Splat! Edit

Power of the Magic Paintbrush. Paint blocks in one strike.

Rainbow Madness Edit

Rainbow Madness

Power of the Rainbow Pickaxe. Vastly increases the Picks you gain from picking.

Pixelate Edit


Power of the Retro Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

DJ Edit

Power of the Sono's Pickaxe. Plays a random track, auto breaks blocks.

Time Manipulation Edit

Power of the Unstable Pickaxe. Time slows down or speeds up.

Gateway Edit

Power of the Yogg's Tentacle. Summon random blocks.

Carrot Barrage Edit

Power of the Bunny Pickaxe. Barrage of carrots to break blocks.

Blizzard Edit


Power of the Candy Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Rainbow Burst Edit

Power of the Pot of Gold Pickaxe. Blast of color causing an explosion of blocks.

Eerie Light Edit

Power of the Spooky Lantern Pickaxe. Break blocks with one strike. Light all the flames to refresh pickaxe power.

Celebration Edit


Power of the Firework Pickaxe. Breaks blocks with one strike.

Teleportal Edit

Imageedit 27 4562731541

Power of the Eye of Ender Pickaxe. Teleports you to random biomes! Gameplay here.

Swift Timepiece Edit

Power of Anti-Chronos Pickaxe. Speeds up time.

Fractured Timepiece Edit

Power of the Chronos Pickaxe. Slows down time.

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