Snow (biome)

Tundra is the third biome. It can be unlocked for 750 sandstone. The biome before it is Desert and after it is Cave.

Blocks Edit

There are 6 types of blocks in this biome: Snow, Ice, Dirt, Birchwood, Sapphire, and Candy (only during the Winter Event)

Chances of finding a block[1] Edit

During the Winter EventEdit

Block Found [x of 1,025,055] Chance to find [%] Chance to find [1:x] Concluded Actual Percentage
Snow 359,303 35.05% 2.85 35%
Dirt 204,535 19.95% 5.01 20%
Ice 184,919 18.04% 5.54 18%
Wood 143,320 13.98% 7.15 14%
Stone 102,160 9.97% 10.03 10%
Winter Candy 30,818 3.01% 33.26 3%

During Normal PlayEdit

Block Found [x of 20000] Chance to find [%] Chance to find [1:x]
Snow 7216 36.06 % 2.77
Dirt 4472 22.35 % 4.47
Ice 3757 18.80 % 5.32
Sapphire 1268 6.34 % 14.56
Wood 2078 10.40 % 9.62

Biome ItemsEdit


  • To get enough resources to craft Snow Golem (during the Winter Event) a player needs to break approximately 22,858 blocks!
  • There are no special blocks in this biome except for Candy during the Winter Event.
  • The next biome (Cave) may be unlocked for 750 Ice.
  • During the Winter Event, occasionally a Snowflake will be awarded to the player after they break a block in this biome. This probability was found to be about 0.1%.


[1] Researched by breaking 1,025,055 blocks during the Winter Event and 20,000 blocks during normal play, then calculating the average chance. May not be absolutely correct. Excludes Runic.             

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